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Freja 2.1 Released

March 21st, 2007 by Cedric Savarese

Freja is a specialized Javascript Framework for creating template-based, single-screen web applications. It relies on browser-side XSL Transformation to render the user interface faster than any other Ajax-based method.

A simple demonstration is available here, with all the explanations here.

Version 2.1 includes bug fixes and performance improvements. The major changes are:

  • Upgraded to latest version of Sarissa (
  • XSL stylesheet should now set the XSL:output method to “HTML”. This prevents an unnecessary HTML serialization & parsing step and avoids invalid HTML markup altogether, like self-closing <textarea/>. While this change makes 2.1 not backward compatible, this should be the only required change if you are using Freja 2.0.

I also updated the documentation and tutorials, which were beginning to be seriously out-of-date.

The Freja core development team is comprised of Cedric Savarese and Troels Knak-Nielsen. Freja is an Open-Source framework built on top of the Sarissa library by Manos Batsis.