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How to Apply for a Job At Veer West

April 30th, 2010 by Cedric Savarese

We think (admittedly a bit naively) that working at Veer West is not a typical job, and we’re looking for people who know how to stand out.

We try to be specific in our job descriptions, but we are in fact quite flexible and open minded. We don’t want to tell you that you must meet some arbitrary criteria, or that you have to apply in any particular way.

In fact, it’s actually quite easy to stand out, if you can avoid the following few mistakes. (more…)

Working At Veer West

April 29th, 2010 by Cedric Savarese

We’re a small team and we consider ourselves a startup, even though we’re not in the Valley, we haven’t raised any venture capital (we’re not planning to)  and we happen to be profitable.

We’re not trying to change the world (just yet).  We’re patient. We take one day at a time. We try to better ourselves, to learn and master our craft. (more…)